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VMBox LTD was launched in 2011、is a registered limited business in the UK. The staff behind VMBox have been in the hosting industry for over 10 years. By combining their experience、knowledge they have aquired over the past years, VMBox is rapidly growing to be one of the top VPS商家 in the industry. The VMBox Network operates out of datacenters in Phoenix 美国、Netherlands EU. All datacenters provide the ideal physical environment to keep your servers up、running without any interruptions. We 仅 utilise enterprise’s in Hardware RAID10 with SSD caching for lightening fast performance.

VPS Features

-SingleHop’s Premium Datacenter in Amsterdam NL, Phoenix AZ、Quadranet in LA
-Diverse Fiber商家 Include Above Net、NLayer
-At least 6 HDDs in Hardware RAID10 w/BBU
-E5-2620v2 CPU’s
-Gigabit ports
-Industry leading SolusVM VPS 控制面板
-Full root access
-免费Wildcard AlphaSSL!
-Cheap cPanel VPS licenses!
-免费Instant Reverse DNS
-24/7 support
-Large range on Linux distributions installed in one click

特价机 VPS Offers


  • 50GB RAID10 SSD Cached Storage
  • 2GB Dedicated DDR3 内存
  • 2TB Premium流量
  • 1 IPv4 Addresses
  • 5 IPv6 Addresses
  • $20每年
  • 优惠码: YYNISQ1W7J
  • Buy now LA
  • Buy now NL

2GB LEB PHX (特价机)

  • 2GB 内存
  • 50GB SSD Cached
  • 4核CPU
  • 2TB 流量
  • 1Gbps uplink
  • 1x IPv4 (Amsterdam、Phoenix)
  • 2x IPv4 (洛杉矶)
  • /64x IPv6 (洛杉矶/Netherlands)
  • 免费Wildcard SSL’s
  • $5/月$40每年
  • Buy now – Phoenix, AZ, 美国
  • Buy now – 洛杉矶, CA, 美国
  • Buy now – Amsterdam, Netherlands

VPS 4 


  • 2GB DDR3 内存
  • 50GB SSD RAID10
  • 3TB流量
  • 1 IPv4 addresses
  • 1Gbps Port
  • Amsterdam, NL
  • 洛杉矶, CA
  • $7.00/月 优惠码: 2GBKVM
  • Buy now NL
  • Buy now LA

Looking Glass




Additional IPv4 $2/m
cPanel VPS license $9.95 (NL & PHX only)

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