Online 新上架€11.99独立服务器 但€6.99 SSD版涨价

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Online今天下午上架了两块新的独立服务器, Start-1-M-SATA和Start-1-M-SSD, 其实就是之前的€6.99的1TB HDD和120G SSD版本, 只不过价格涨为€11.99了.

但是online随后给原来的€6.99 SSD特价版用户发了邮件, 说XC DEALS 1701.2要涨价到€11.99.
最新消息是只有原来的XC DEALS 1701.2 (120G SSD)收到涨价通知, XC DEALS 1701.1( 1TB HDD)版还没有涨价, 但是根据online的一贯作风估计涨价只是迟早的事.

Dear customer,The price of your server Start-1-M-SATA, formerly known as XC DEALS
1701.2, is updated as of 2018-09-01. It will now be charged €11.99 per month tax excluded.

To our knowledge, however, we remain the most competitive player on
the market and still want to offer you attractive prices, so that you
can benefit from the best price-performance ratio.

Many thanks for your trust.

If you have any questions, please contact our assistance

Best regards,

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