LunaNode 为新用户提供一年免费试用VPS

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LunaNode 是一家加拿大主机商,有提供按小时计费的VPS产品,注册于2013年。支持自己传ISO安装操作系统,有快照功能,数据中心在加拿大(可选多伦多、蒙特利尔)和法国。目前 LunaNode 在 LET 发帖称免费给新用户提供一年的试用(4月1日),要求不高,首先必须是新用户,也就是之前没有注册过的。其次在LET必须要有发帖记录,在2019年4月1日至2020年4月1日期间不低于三条。都满足的话,直接在 let 给他们私信即可。



You must have a LET account with at least three comments between April 1 2019 and April 1 2020. You must also be a new customer, or an existing customer who has never received promotional credit before (including the $20 trial offer, double credit promotion, etc.).

The free one-year trial involves $42 credit that expires after one year. This is sufficient to provision an m.1s VM for one year, which includes 1 GB RAM.

To receive the free credit, simply PM me the e-mail address of your LunaNode account on LET. If you don’t have an account, sign up!

LunaNode is a Toronto cloud platform featuring hourly billing, snapshots, block storage, startup scripts, cloud firewalls, and more. Toronto is our main location, but we offer services in Montreal and Roubaix as well.

Check out our pricing here. Or, you can learn more about our awesome features.

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