Server 特价机s Offer|Start|2|XS Dedibox Limited|Intel C2350|4GB 内存|500GB SATA 仅 4.99€|

cera cera is one of the leading 虚拟主机商家 in France. Since 1999 they have provided hosting services for Internet stakeholders of all sizes worldwide.

They offer a range of services including 域名 names, 虚拟主机, 独服 and hosting in datacenter.、today Server 特价机s可用, price from 仅 €6.99 EUR per month

Server 特价机 Offer

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Personal family Dedicated

Édition limitée : C2750, 8Go 内存, 120Go SSD. Premier arrivé, premier servi. 6,99 €/月


Start family Dedicated

Édition limitée : Xeon E3-1230v3, 16Go 内存, 2To SATA (ma préférée :D) 16,99 €/MO


Pro family Dedicated

Édition limitée :: Xeon E5 1650, 64GB 内存, 2x600GB Storage, 44,99 €/MO


DEDIBOX® Dedicated Servers Features

  • All Dedibox® 独服 are equipped with ECC memory with error correction
  • Technical assistance is可用 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by ticket、telephone, in French, English、German.
  • All servers、infrastructure are by default防护 against denial of service attacks (DDoS).
  • Most of servers from the Dedibox® MD provide a hardware RAID, providing reliability、performance.
  • Storage is customizable at no extra cost from the Dedibox MD®. For the same price, choose between SATA, SAS or SSD.
  • The Dedibox servers feature a hardware KVM over IP、remote virtual media as standard.
  • They operate a simple, ultra fast、reliable network. Their AS12876 network has large capacities with numerous transits、exchange points, using the best equipment of the market. their servers are IPv6 compatible.

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